Christopher Clow MA, B.Sc. PG-Dip. Adv.Dip. Dip., Counselling & Psychotherapy

Christopher Clow Counselling & Psychotherapy

MA Counselling & Psychotherapy, B.Sc (Hons) Soc
Level (I) & (II) (PG.Dip.) Systemic Family/Couples Counsellor/Psychotherapist
Adv. Dip. Therapeutic Counselling, Dip. Counselling Supervision


Individuals, Couples, Families
Clinical/Counselling/Consultant Supervisor
Trainer and Group Facilitator


Green Room, Balham Community Centre Building, 91 Bedford Hill, Balham, SW12 9HE (show on map)

Working within clinical settings since 2001

Anger/Rage, Anxiety-General/Social/Work, Depression, Relationships, Alcohol/Addiction(s), Couples, Families, Bereavement/Loss, Shame, Guilt, Self esteem, Self worth, Sadness, Low Mood, Trauma, Crisis, Self harm and Suicide, Confidence, Self Belief, Discontentment, Worry, Depletion, Alienation, Homesickness, Adolescents, Post Natal Depression, Affairs, Betrayal, Separation, Divorce,  Childhood Suffering, Sexual Abuse, Violence, Crime, Coaching, Assertiveness, Parenting, New families, Stress, Substance abuse, Internet Pornography other addictions, Co-dependency, Childhood Trauma , Irritability, Edginess, Wretchedness, Unravelling, Disintegrating, Relationship Abuse including-emotional-physical- and sexual- both in childhood or adulthood, in same or opposite gender relationships and many other concerns that can affect you today.

  • When we keep things locked up inside…. that’s where they stay.
  • We often worry about things that haven’t …. and may not happen.
  • The way to solve problems… is to live a life in a way that makes them disappear.
  • Coming to therapy can be an enlightening process of discovery.
  • If you live in the past… you are depressed… if you live in the future…. you are anxious…. if you live in the present you are at peace. (Daoist saying)

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